Echozoo Thank You!

By 16/08/2016 No Comments

to all the people who successfully funded Echozoo. Those people who backed the project will get a special thank-you inside the smartphone app once it’s developed as well as access to exclusive content like: A sneak peak track of the sound-world of the Golden Toad from South America which went extinct in the 1990s. Also I’ll be recording some field recording footage and vlogs on my upcoming trip to Washington and Montana to record animals and habitats for the App that will go out to the Hatchfund backers. So if you didn’t get a chance to back Echozoo, the good news is the site will be live and you can still become a backer to get this exclusive content and help support the development of this ambitious project.

Now let me take a couple more lines of this email to specially thank all the backers for Echozoo! It means so much to me to receive this support of my work. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Darcy Lyons, Steffan Schulz, Cory Neale, James Falconi, Jason & Emmalee MacDonald, Melissa & Carl Franke, Mary Kalyna, Kevin Brown, Carla Willard, M Eckstrom, Dave Di Lullo, Es Pisarek, Zornitsa Stoyanova, Mary Niewood, Ian Nauroth, Sharon Stewart, Benjamin Warfield, Patricia McDermott & Jack Malgeri, Pearson Constantino, Brian Wainwright, Jebney Lewis, fidget, Francis Markey, Emme McDermott, Glenn Benge, mauri Walton, Richard Baybutt, Patrick O’Connor, Delia Tash, Jonathan Moniz, Robin Rosecky, Nora Gibson, Katinka Marc, Thomas Reliey, Kim Epson, William Clarke-Fields, Anne C. Cecil, Steven Peltier and two Annonymouses.