GlogauAIR Show Berlin

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I’m pleased to be presenting an installation at GlogauAIR in Berlin. For this show, I will be creating a 5.1 surround sound soundscape where people can come and lie down to hear the sounds of six extinct creatures that once lived in Northern Europe.

Here’s the press release from the show:

For his project at GlogauAIR he has created a sonic dream-space named Echozoo, where listeners will experience an imaginary landscape of extinct animals sounds. The reconstructed soundscapes will feature the calls and sonic habitats of creatures that lived in the landscape that is now Berlin during the past 10,000 years.  The multi-channel soundscapes are presented without visual cues. As listeners are invited to enter the space, wearing eye masks to let their senses and inner-ears experience the imaginary sounds of extinction.
The hope with Echozoo is that listener will experience the imaginary forgotten soundscapes of the extinct to connect with and appreciate the living, ephemeral soundscape of the present moment. As the sixth extinction continues to unfold, Echozoo asks the question what would silent sounds of these extinct species say?
The soundscapes presented in Echozoo contain mutated animals field recordings as well as electronically generated tones to attempt to approximate what animals may hear in their own listening consciousness. Echozoo is created through an organic and recursive process of field recording, mixing, programming, performance and listening.